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“Thank you so much, you saved my life."-Erik, ALRP Client & Long-term HIV Survivor

Erik, a 75-year-old gay man, living with multiple severe health conditions, came to ALRP with an eviction notice for nuisance in May 2020, during the shelter- in-place order. Erik was diagnosed with HIV in the 1980s, and is a long-term survivor living with the myriad of mental health and emotional conditions referred to as “AIDS Survivor Syndrome.”

His landlord was trying to evict him from his rent-controlled home of almost 30 years based on alleged behavior directly linked with his mental health conditions. Having lived in San Francisco throughout the height of the AIDS epidemic, Erik found himself reliving that trauma as the City struggled to contain another deadly virus.

Moreover, due to his age and health conditions, Erik was at a heightened risk of serious complications, including death if he were to contract COVID. As a result, he spent months living in fear and seclusion.
Erik was completely overwhelmed and broke down in tears multiple times during the initial intake process. He has a limited- fixed income, and could not afford to move; if evicted, he would likely have to leave San Francisco.

ALRP's housing attorney attempted to negotiate a resolution to the lawsuit but the opposing council refused and proceeded with the eviction. The case proceeded to trail. After a mandatory settlement conference, three pre-trial conferences and an evidentiary hearing that resolved in ALRP's favor, the conversation surrounding the settlement took in a turn in July 2021.

Finally, the landlord agreed to allow Erik to remain in his home. That's when Erik told his ALRP housing attorney, "Thank you so much, you saved my life."